Originally from Washington DC, Cade has been in the Sandbridge area for over a decade. After playing division 1 football at VMI and later graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in National Security Studies, he has returned to the area as he prepares for a career with the DEA.

He and his brother started an LLC which has operated as a maid service in Sandbridge for over 3 years, and has given him invaluable insight into the world of small business and tourism in Virginia Beach. Between his cleaning business, general handyman work, carpentry, and pool cleaning in Sandbridge he has come to understand and love the little strip of beach deeply. He works hard, communicates well, and always strives to make sure that every job is completed perfectly, ensuring that everybody around him is happy.

He is always striving to learn something new, find ways to give back to the Sandbridge community, and to brighten the days of whoever he can, because he knows that simple kindnesses can go a long way.