Carder Realty Group proudly donates to the Frick and Frack Foundation. This incredible local organization helps support women and their loved ones through their entire journey with breast cancer, from diagnosis to treatment, all the way through recovery and beyond.

Frick and Frack was named after two sisters, Pattie and Jackie (nicknamed Frick and Frack), who were both diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. Shortly after the first race, Pattie’s daughter was also diagnosed, and their communities rallied behind them in a way that could never be forgotten. They adopted the slogan “Her fight is my fight,” and in four years as a foundation they have been able to help more than 20 women with various cancer-related needs.

The fourth annual Frick and Frack 5K was held on October 23, 2021. Enjoy a few highlights from the day, and please consider supporting the Foundation in any way you can! Click here to send an email about donations, volunteering, or joining next year’s 5k.